Our Eyewear Collections

Expertly chosen. Modern meets Traditional.

Globally sourced, with something for everyone. Every piece has been carefully selected

Discover our latest collection of glasses and sunglasses in store. Whether you’re looking for lightweight glasses to Gucci glasses, Prada glasses – We have it covered. Our Frame Prices Range from £79 to £499.

We have many more ranges in store too and also do free NHS Glasses.

Our Glasses Collections Explained

We've split our eyewear into three categories to make it easier to choose from.

Boutique Collection

Our Boutique collection is all about that classic Hollywood look. 

Bold Frames, Tortoiseshell Acetates & Signature Accents.

If you want to make a statement then this is the collection to choose from. Beautiful frames, Incredibly high quality materials, Made in Italy. 

Prices Range from £250 to £495

Tom Ford sunglasses

Tom Ford

With a seductively modern take on classic Hollywood glamour, Tom Ford has meticulously mastered the craft of effortlessly refined eyewear.

Gucci sunglasses


Priding themselves on creating fashion that is smart, sleek and sometimes a little eccentric, Gucci glasses and sunglasses are the standout selection of 2024.

Prada sunglasses


High fashion, couture styles & sophistication. Prada are one of the most desirable eyewear designers, with some fantastic pieces in their offering.

Stepper eyewear collection


Incredibly lightweight and a natural fit, Stepper eyewear is an effortless experience for those who desire minimalism.

Close-up of eyeglasses


Woow eyewear is a fantastic example of colourful glasses meeting architecural design. Danish design but super fun at the same time.

Woow eyewear


Weighing only 4 grams, these are some of the lightest glasses in the World. Designed in Barcelona, this brand takes it’s inspiration from it’s city.

Niche Collection

Our Niche Collection is vast and different. Comprising of independent eyewear brands from Spain, France, Austria and many more.

This collection contrains are pure eyewear brand and as such have the highest manufacturing standards in the industry. Their designs and components are industry leading. Think of Formula 1 or Quiet Luxury Fashion brands and how they set the trends that others follow. 

Prices range from £220 to £499

JF Rey eyewear logo

J.F. Rey

Oakley sunglasses and prescription glasses are renowned for their technical brilliance and outstanding performance.

Etnia Barcelona eyewear logo

Etnia Barcelona

Lightweight frames and harmonious contrasts of textures and hues enhance the magnified shapes.

Silhouettes of eyewear


Silhouette glasses are super lightweight, ensuring they are comfortable even after long hours of wear.

Oakley eyewear logo

An American brand that manufactures really high quality eyewear, unlike any others. Designed for a sporty aesthetic, the glasses are supremely comfortable.

Eyewear display in store


Bringing together the essence of British design with a European flair, Jensen glasses push men’s eyewear forward in fashion.

Cocoa Mint eyewear collection

Cocoa Mint

With sophisticated opulence and classic shapes, Cocoa Mint glasses are made to the high quality with a touch of the distinctive.

Everyday Collection

Stylish and Modern everyday frames that suit a wide variety of face shapes 

Prices range from £79 to £249

Close-up of eyeglasses

Calvin Klein

When we think of Calvin Klein, we think of iconic fashion campaigns and minimalist design, and the Calvin Klein eyewear collection is no exception.

Close-up of Ray-Ban eyewear


From James Dean to Hepburn to Johnny Cash, Ray-Ban has proven indispensable for cultural icons who don’t want to be seen – but definitely want to be noticed.

Montblanc eyewear logo

Mont Blanc

The sparkle & lustre of Tiffany’s elegant jewellery design accents their eyewear with glamour and femininity; oozing effortless elegance in every way.

McLaren eyewear logo


As innovators in the auto industry, McLaren has once again pushed the boundaries of performance in eyewear.

Prodesign eyewear


Since 1973, ProDesign has crafted beautiful eyewear focussing on simple, uncompromised design and quality inspired by Danish heritage.

Ray-Ban Junior sunglasses

Rayban Junior

The Ray-Ban Junior eyewear collection was born out of the idea that high-quality glasses and sunglasses are not just for adults!

Meet our Style Advisors

We are available to help you with styling suggestions and inspiration tailored for you. Book an appointment in one of our Boutiques or via a video conference with a Style Advisor to receive personalised styling advice based on your tastes and interests.

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