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Discover Amazing Glasses & Eyewear That's Uniquely You with Abra & Co

Whether it’s for comfort, confidence, function or fashion - we’ll help you find the right glasses for the life you lead.

Why Choose Abra & Co for Your Eyewear?

Discover exclusive eyewear collections tailored just for you. Our selection goes beyond mere glasses; it’s a fashion statement. Carefully curated from top designers worldwide, each frame is a unique piece as special as you are. Experience our personalised styling service, where our experts focus on you. They don’t just understand eyewear; they understand what makes you unique. With their guidance, find glasses that not only enhance your vision but also complement your personal style flawlessly.

Glasses are more than just plastic or metal. They are tools to see the World in a better, clearer way. 

Discover our Amazing Glasses.

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Glasses Are A Tool To See The World In a Better Way

For Many Different Faces & Shapes: Glasses are not just a piece of metal or plastic. If chosen correctly and fitted properly, glasses have a transformational power of changing how you see the World and how others see You.

A Personal Choice: We have sourced frames from around the World intentionally to offer you a selection of glasses not available anywhere else. Our aim to make sure you are wearing glasses that you love.


Quality and Comfort in Every Pair

Built to Last, Designed to Impress: Our glasses are more than good-looking. They’re made to last with high-quality materials. With Abra & Co, you’re choosing eyewear that combines durability with a standout style.

Fitting Perfection: We make sure your glasses fit you just right. Comfort is key, and ourteam takes care to adjust your new glasses for the best fit. It’s all about how great you feel wearing them.

Advanced Lenses for Clear Vision and Style

Lenses That Work for You: Our lenses are cutting-edge. Whether you need them for reading, working on a computer, or anything else, we’ve got the right lenses for you, tailored to your life.

Stylish Protection for Your Eyes: Our lenses do more than help you see clearly. They protect your eyes from things like screen glare and sunlight, all while keeping you looking great.

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Trust and Style Hand in Hand

  1. We Understand What Matters to You: At Abra & Co, we’re all about understanding what you need and want. Our commitment is to offer you eyewear that you’ll love, both for how it looks and how it works.
  2. A Trusted Name in Eyewear: We blend modern style with the trusted, authentic service you’d expect from a family optician. Choosing us means choosing a partner who cares about your vision and your style.

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