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Myopia, also called ‘being short-sighted’ is caused when the eye is either larger than normal or when the cornea becomes a little too curved. Myopia is a condition that is projected to be a global epidemic over the next few years. Small myopia is not usually an issue and is easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses , however high myopia can pose risks of retinal detachment, glaucoma and vision loss. This is why it is vital to get the right checks done when you have your eyes tested and have regular eye tests, especially for children. At Abra & Co. Opticians, 

When you suffer from Myopia, the typical symptoms you notice will be any of the following:

  • Blurred vision when looking in the distance
  • Headaches after driving/watching TV for a couple of hours
  • Squinting your eyes to make things in the distance clearer
  • Blurred subtitles on the TV
  • Children struggling to see the board or falling behind at school
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  • Having a Detailed Eye Test: There is often a myth with Myopia that you shouldn’t have the strongest prescription. Research shows that prescribing the full prescription is vital in helping slow the progression down. It all starts with a comprehensive eye test at Abra & Co. Opticians. Our Optometrists will understand your Myopia, determine which type it is and give you the right advice to help slow it down.   
  • Prescription Glasses: Myopia is corrected most commonly with prescription glasses. Depending on the size of the prescription you may need spherical single vision lenses, aspheric single vision lenses, or digitally surfaced single vision lenses to completely reduce the aberrations caused by such prescriptions.  Additionally, you may also benefit from specific lens coatings such as Blue Light filters or honeycomb mesh coatings that eliminate migraines. UV coatings are highly recommended for myopic patients to help reduce the risk of damage to the more sensitive retina.
  • Contact Lenses: Myopia is easily corrected by contact lenses. We will cover all your options with you and explain what we think is the best option for you. 

Our Optometrists are skilled at managing all types of Myopia and accredited for Myopia Management too.


At Abra & Co. Opticians, we understand your eyes are precious. If you have Myopia firstly our Optometrists will explain what your unique prescription means and what tasks we would encourage you to wear your glasses for. If this is your first spectacle prescription, then we will make some unique adjustments to your vision to make sure that you end up with vision that is natural and clear when you wear your glasses.

The next step is to select the right lenses to match your prescription needs. This means our expert dispensers will recommend the lens that gives you the most natural vision and widest field of vision possible. If any coatings are required, they will be explained and the option left to you to decide. As you can see there are quite a few steps in this process. Spectacles are a medical device and therefore must be dispensed as such.

Your vision is precious so we go through every step in a detailed, methodical way to give you the best vision possible that helps protect your sight.


At Abra & Co. Opticians, all our Optometrists are accredited in Myopia Management. W can guarantee to slow down your child’ Myopia through a specific lens, Miyosmart. This is a proven lens that slows down the development of Myopia. Being short sighted is not a static thing. Your child’s Myopia will increase as they get older and this means stronger prescriptions, changing glasses more often and for your child, a lifetime of contact lens wear or glasses. 

There is now a solution to this. Our Miyosmart lens is designed to slow down the progression and we are so sure of this, we will guarantee that if there’s a change in the prescription of 0.50 or greater, we will change the lenses for you at no charge. For more information please call or visit us in store.

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