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A cataract is a common eye condition where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or opaque, leading to a decrease in vision. It is most often related to aging but can also result from other factors. The lens, located behind the iris and the pupil, works like a camera lens, focusing light onto the retina at the back of the eye to produce clear images. When a cataract develops, it distorts the light passing through the lens, causing images to appear blurred or fuzzy.

Although Cataracts are age-related, one of the biggest risk factors to their development is UV Radiation, which is why recommend UV protection on all our lenses as standard.

Cataracts develop for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Aging: The most common cause, as natural changes within the lens occur over time.
  • Injury: Trauma to the eye can cause cataracts to form.
  • Medical conditions: Certain conditions, such as diabetes, can increase the risk of developing cataracts.
  • Medications: Long-term use of some medications, particularly corticosteroids, can contribute to cataract formation.
  • Lifestyle factors: Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk.
  • Ultraviolet radiation: Exposure to UV rays from sunlight may promote cataract development.
  • Genetics: A family history of cataracts can increase one’s risk.


Symptoms of cataracts may include:

  • Blurred, cloudy, or dim vision
  • Difficulty with vision at night
  • Sensitivity to light and glare
  • Seeing “halos” around lights
  • Frequent changes in eyeglass or contact lens prescription
  • Fading or yellowing of colors
  • Double vision in a single eye
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At Abra & Co., our dedicated team of optometrists specialises in the comprehensive management of cataracts, guiding you through every step of the treatment process with expert care and personalised attention. When it comes to treating cataracts, our approach is focused on ensuring that you understand your options and receive the best possible care to restore clear vision.

The cornerstone of cataract treatment is surgical intervention, where the clouded lens of the eye is replaced with a clear, artificial lens. This procedure is highly effective and is among the most commonly performed surgeries, known for its safety and positive outcomes.

Here’s a brief overview of how we assist our clients through the cataract treatment journey:

  1. Personalised Consultation: Our optometrists provide an in-depth consultation to discuss your specific condition, the impact of cataracts on your vision, and how surgery can help. We take the time to answer all your questions and address any concerns, ensuring you feel informed and comfortable with the proposed treatment plan.

  2. Pre-Surgical Evaluation: Prior to surgery, we conduct a comprehensive eye exam to assess the overall health of your eyes and to determine the most hospital to refer you to.

  3. Referral to Trusted Ophthalmologists: We collaborate with a network of highly skilled ophthalmologists who specialise in cataract surgery. Our team will refer you to a trusted surgeon, ensuring that you receive expert care from a professional with a proven track record of successful outcomes.

  4. Post-Surgical Care: After your surgery, our optometrists are here to provide the post-operative care you need to ensure a smooth and effective recovery. We monitor your healing process, manage any post-surgery adjustments, and offer advice on how to protect your new vision.

  5. Ongoing Support: Our commitment to your eye health doesn’t end after surgery. We offer ongoing support and routine eye exams to monitor your vision and ensure that your eyes remain healthy for years to come.

At Abra & Co., we understand that the decision to undergo cataract surgery is significant. Our team is dedicated to providing a supportive, informative, and caring environment where your vision health is our top priority. Trust us to guide you through the process of cataract treatment with the utmost care, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your vision.


At Abra & Co., our dedicated team of optometrists specializes in the early detection and management of cataracts, providing a seamless and informative experience for our clients concerned about their vision health. When you visit us with potential cataract-related concerns, we ensure a comprehensive evaluation that’s both thorough and understandable, without overwhelming you with technical jargon or unnecessary details.

Your journey to clear vision begins with a conversation. We take the time to understand your visual symptoms, any changes you’ve noticed, and how these changes affect your daily life. This helps us tailor our examination to your specific situation and concerns.

During your assessment, our optometrists employ advanced diagnostic techniques to evaluate the health of your eyes, focusing on the lens to detect any signs of cataract development. While we don’t list every test, know that our evaluation is designed to painlessly and accurately assess the clarity, health, and function of your lens, which is where cataracts form. We look for signs of clouding and assess how cataracts may be impacting your vision and quality of life.

Based on our findings, we engage in an open and clear discussion about the best course of action. If cataracts are affecting your vision, we’ll talk you through the process of monitoring their progression and planning for when surgery might become necessary. Our team will also explain what cataract surgery involves, addressing any concerns or questions you may have about the procedure, recovery, and expected outcomes.

At Abra & Co., we’re committed to providing personalized care and support throughout your journey, from initial detection to decision-making about treatment. We aim to empower you with the knowledge and options you need to make informed decisions about your eye health and cataract management. Rest assured, you’re in expert hands with our team guiding you towards clearer vision.

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